Ghana Shippers' Authority Regulations, 2012 (L.I. 2190)

Regulation 1 Purpose The purpose of these Regulations is to provide (a) for consultation between the Authority and shipping service providers who operate along the logistics chain in the transport industry in respect of international trade; (b) for the negotiation of (i) charges in relation to shipment and clearance of cargo from a port, (ii) minimum standards and quality of shipping services to be rendered to shippers, and (iii) any other related matters; and (c) information to shippers in Ghana through the use of advanced shipment information, with the aim to protect and represent the interests of shippers as provided for by the Act.

Procedures to Follow

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Responsible Institution

Ministry of Water Resource & Sanitation

Starlets 91 Rd, Accra
Email:PMB 60, Ministries, Accra

Relevant Forms to Download

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Fees / Charges

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