Ghana Shippers' Authority Regulations, 2012 (L.I. 2190)

Regulation 4 Platform for mutual consultations (1) The Authority shall provide a platform for mutual consultations among (a) shippers, (b) shipowners, (c) shipping lines and agents, (d) ports, (e) railways, (f) terminal operators, (g) freight forwarders, (h) custom house agents, (i) receipt and delivery operators, (j) freight consolidators, (k) hauliers, and (l) airline carriers and agents whose activities impact on shippers. (2) The Authority shall, at least once in three months, provide a platform for consultation between the Authority and the various shipping service providers along the logistics chain in the transport industry in respect of international trade. (3) The consultation shall deal with issues which affect the transport and logistics chain in relation to (a) shippers, (b) trade and industry associations, (e) commodity associations, and (d) other ancillary shipping service providers and it is to ensure competitiveness in the international trade and transport industry of this country.

Procedures to Follow

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Responsible Institution

Ministry of Water Resource & Sanitation

Starlets 91 Rd, Accra
Email:PMB 60, Ministries, Accra

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