Registration of Business Names Act, 1962 (ACT 151) As amended by Registration of Business Names (Amendment) Act, 2012 (ACT 837)

Section 2: Every person required under this Act to be registered, shall furnish to the Registrar at his office a statement in writing in the prescribed form containing the following particulars, that is to say, (a) the business name; (b) the general nature of the business; (c) the principal place of the business; (d) all other places at which the business is carried on; (e) where the registration to be effected is that of an individual, (i)  his present first name and surname; (ii) his nationality and, if that nationality is not the nationality of origin, his nationality of origin; (iii) his usual residence and other business occupation, if any; and (iv) whether he is under the age of twenty-one years at the date of furnishing the statement and, if so, his date of birth; (f) where the registration to be effected is that of a company, its corporate name and registered office; (g)  the date of the commencement of the business.

Procedures to Follow

1. Applicant may pick up a prescribed Form A from the in-house bank at GHS 3.50
2. Submit filled forms at the Business names Registration Counter for Verification and Capturing or via Online
3. Pay processing fee of GHS60.00 at the in-house bank or via Online
4. Registrar Examines, Approves and issues Business name Registration Certificate
6. Renewal each year at GH 25 cedis....

Responsible Institution

Registrar Generals Department


Fees / Charges

GHC 60