Tema Metropolitan Assembly (Distilling and Sale of Akpeteshie) Bye-Laws 2017

Regulation 96: Fees. The Authority may determine the fees to be paid in respect of the issue, validation, renewal, extension or variation of any certificate, licence or other document (including the issue of a copy thereof), or the undergoing of any examination, tests, inspection or investigation or the grant of any permission or approval required by, or for the purpose of these Regulations or any rules made thereunder.

Procedures to Follow

4th schedule b; the protocol to the convention on international interests in mobile equipment on matters specific to aircraft equipment              

5th schedule; convention for the suppression of the unlawful
seizure of aircrafts   

6th schedule; the convention on the suppression of unlawful acts relating
to international civil aviation                                               

6th schedule b; protocol supplementary to the convention for the suppression of the unlawful seizure of aircrafts  

Seventh schedule (section 28) convention on damage caused by foreign aircraft to third parties on the surface, signed at Rome, on 7 October 1952 (Rome convention 1952)  

Ninth schedule (section 28) 2009 convention on compensation for damage caused by aircraft to third parties adopted in Montréal, Canada on 2 may 2009   ...

Responsible Institution

Ghana Civil Aviation Authority

Airport Rd, Accra

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Fees / Charges

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