Insurance Regulations, 1990 (LI 1502)

Regulation 14 Application Form for Chief Agents, Etc.(1) Form NIC/07/90 is hereby prescribed as the form of application for registration of chief agents and agents under the Law. (2) Upon the registration of an insurance chief agent or agent under the Law, the Commission shall issue to that insurance chief agent or agent a licence as in Form NIC/08/90 specified in Part I of the Schedule. (3) A registered insurance chief agent or agent shall produce on demand to any policy-holder of the insurer whom he represents or to any prospective policy-holder the licence issued to him under sub-regulation (2) of this regulation. (4) The registration of an insurance chief agent or an agent expires twelve months after the date of registration and is renewable annually by application to the Commission within one month before the date of expiry of the said registration, and shall be supported by a statement from his principal insurer that the transactions and accounts of the chief agent or agent for the preceding year have been fully and satisfactorily settled.=

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National Insurance Commission


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