Insurance Regulations, 1990 (LI 1502)

Regulation 32: Professional Conduct and Business Code of Discipline. (1) Every insurer or intermediary shall be a member of the relevant trade or business or professional association or institute or body in Ghana, which is duly registered or recognised by the Commission as being relevant to such insurer or intermediary and every such member shall comply with and abide by the principles, rules, code of conduct and disciplinary norms of the association or institute or body concerned. (2) Where any individual or insurer or intermediary is found guilty of an offence under the Law or these Regulations or is in breach of any gross professional or business conduct or fraudulent or corrupt practice contrary to the rules of the relevant professional body, it shall be sufficient cause for the suspension or revocation of the licence or certificate of such insurer or intermediary. (3) Every insurer or intermediary shall ensure a thorough screening in recruitment of staff and agents.

Procedures to Follow

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Responsible Institution

National Insurance Commission


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