Insurance Regulations, 1990 (LI 1502)

Regulation 3 Qualifications of Directors and Principal Officers of Insurers, Re-Insurers, Brokers, Adjusters, Etc.  No person shall be a director or principal officer of an insurance company or a chief agent or agent under the Law if (a) he is a person of twenty-one years of age or below; (b) he has been convicted of any offence involving fraud by any court; (c) he has been adjudged bankrupt by a court; (d) he has been dismissed from any office or employment; (e) he has at any time failed to satisfy any debt adjudged  due and payable by him as a judgement debtor under an order of a court; or (f) there is any evidence against him involving any case of misconduct, fraud or mismanagement of an insurance company or business or any similar public concern.

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National Insurance Commission


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