Industrial Designs Act, 2003 (Act 660)

Section 3—Right to Registration(1) Where a person creates an industrial design, the right to the registration of that industrial design belongs to the creator.(2) Where two or more persons create the same industrial design, the right to registration of that industrial design belongs to them jointly.(3) Where two or more persons have created the same industrial design independently of each other, the person whose application has the earliest filing date or, if priority is claimed, the earliest validly claimed priority date, shall have the right to register the industrial design, as long as the application is not withdrawn, abandoned or rejected.(4) The right to an industrial design may be assigned, transferred or devolve by succession.(5) Where an industrial design is created in execution of an employment contract, the right to registration of the industrial design belongs, in the absence of contractual provisions to the contrary, to the employer.

Procedures to Follow

    A trade mark search may be conducted prior to application for registration of the trade mark. The search is important to ensure that no identical trademark has been registered or is pending registration.
    Trade Mark Form No. 2 is used for the application of Trade Mark. An Applicant is required to attached four (4) representations of the trade mark with a prescribed fee of $ 200.00 or its Cedi equivalent. Applicants whose principal place of business is located outside Ghana are required to apply through legal entity.

Responsible Institution

Ministry of Trade and Industry


Relevant Forms to Download

Not Available

Fees / Charges

GHC 1,627