1. Dealing in gold mining products prohibited(1) A person shall not, without the consent of the Minister in writing, deal in or purchase a gold mining product.(2) Subsection (1) does not apply to gold mining products passing under an assignment or transfer by a concession holder of the concession or a part of the concession.(3) A person who contravenes subsection (1), and a person found in possession of gold reasonably suspected of being a gold mining product, and who does not prove to the satisfaction of the Court that the gold was obtained in a lawful manner commits an offence and is liable,(a) on a first conviction to a fine not exceeding five hundred penalty units or to a term of imprisonment2(2) not exceeding two years, or to both the fine and the imprisonment; and(b) on each subsequent conviction, to a fine not exceeding one thousand penalty units or to a term of imprisonment with or without hard labour not exceeding five years, or to both the fine and the imprisonment, and the gold mining product unlawfully dealt in, purchased or obtained shall be forfeited unless within six months from the date of conviction a person applies for the restoration of the product and proves ownership or lawful entitlement to the custody or possession of the gold mining product to the satisfaction of the High Court.3(3)(4) The jurisdiction conferred by subsection (3) on the High Court may be exercised by a District Magistrate; but the Magistrate shall not impose a fine of more than two hundred and fifty penalty units or a term of imprisonment for which the District Magistrate does not have jurisdiction to impose.4(4)(5) The forfeited gold mining products shall be disposed of for the benefit of the Consolidated Fund in the manner directed by the Minister.(6) Dealing in or purchasing or possession by an employee in the service of a goldsmith is prima facie dealing in or purchasing or possession by the goldsmith, the proof of which to the contrary lies on the goldsmith.5(5)

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Minerals Commission

36 Second Cantonments Cl, Accra

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