Civil Aviation Regulations, 1996 (LI 1617).

Regulation 1: Aircraft to be Registered. (1) No aircraft shall fly over Ghana unless it is registered in (a) a Contracting State; or (b) a country in relation to which there is in force an agreement between the Ghana Government and the Government of that Country which makes provision for the flight over Ghana of aircraft registered in that country; or (c) a member country of the Commonwealth. (2) Notwithstanding sub-regulation (1) (a) of this regulation a glider may fly unregistered, and shall be deemed to be registered in Ghana for the purposes of regulations 12, 13, 19 and 32 on any flight which (a) begins and ends in Ghana without passing over any other country, and is not for the purpose of public transport or aerial works; and (b) any aircraft may fly unregistered and is in accordance with the "B Condition" set forth in Schedule 2 of these Regulations. (3) Sub-regulation (2) shall not apply to any kite or captive balloon. (4) If an aircraft flies over Ghana in contravention of sub-regulation (1) in such manner or circumstances that if it had been registered in Ghana an offence against these Regulations or any rules would have been committed the same offence shall be deemed to have been committed in respect of that aircraft.

Procedures to Follow

4th schedule b; the protocol to the convention on international interests in mobile equipment on matters specific to aircraft equipment              

5th schedule; convention for the suppression of the unlawful
seizure of aircrafts

6th schedule; the convention on the suppression of unlawful acts relating
to international civil aviation                                             

6th schedule b; protocol supplementary to the convention for the suppression of the unlawful seizure of aircrafts  

Seventh schedule (section 28) convention on damage caused by foreign aircraft to third parties on the surface, signed at Rome, on 7 October 1952 (Rome convention 1952)  

Ninth schedule (section 28) 2009 convention on compensation for damage caused by aircraft to third parties adopted in Montréal, Canada on 2 may 2009        


Responsible Institution

Ghana Civil Aviation Authority

Airport Rd, Accra

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