Insolvency Act,2006 (ACT 708)

Section 8(1) Insolvency proceedings in respect of a debtor shall be initiated by the presentation of a petition to the Official Trustee in the prescribed manner, and accompanied by the prescribed fee, for the making of a protection order, enabling the debtor's assets to be conserved for the protection of the creditors until the affairs of the debtor have been considered by the High Court.(2) A petition shall not be presented(a) in respect of a body corporate, or(b) in respect of two or more debtors except where the debts are owed by those debtors jointly.(3) Where a petition is presented, the High Court may, on an application made by the Official Trustee, restrain the institution or continuance of civil proceedings by or against the debtor.(4) Civil proceedings under subsection (3) do not include proceedings by a secured creditor for the realisation of the security of the secured creditor.(5) A petition maybe withdrawn or amended, with the prior consent in writing of the Official Trustee, before a protection order is made.

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