Free Zone Act, 1995 (Act 504)

Section 3The functions of the Authority are(a) to grant licences to applicants under this Act;(b) to assist applicants for licences under this Act by providing services for obtaining otherrelevant licences, permits and facilities;(c) to examine and recommend for approval agreements and treaties relating to the developmentand activities of the free zones;(d) to monitor the activities, performance and development of free zone developers andenterprises;(e) to ensure compliance by free zone developers and enterprises with this Act and any otherlaws relevant to free zone activities;(f) to register and keep records and data on the programmes of developers, operators andenterprises in free zones;(g) to perform any other functions that are incidental to the performance of its functions underthis Act or any other enactment.

Procedures to Follow

1. Incorporate a company in Ghana with the Registrar- General's Department and obtain Certificates of Incorporation and company's constitution and these must be submitted together with the following documents;
Duly completed GFZA Application Form Purchased at ($200 Dollars or its Cedi Equivalent)
Business Plan/Feasibility Study
Evidence of lease or Rental of Land / Factory Premises
Evidence of Export (Memorandum of Understanding/ Letter of Intent with prospective clients)
Environmental Protection Agency Permit (where applicable)
Evidence of Funding/Capital Transfer
Any other document/ Information the Authority may require
2. The GFZA shall notify the applicant of the status of his/her application for License within 28 working days of receipt of a complete application.
3. A license specifying Authorized activity to be undertaken (i.e. Developer, Manufacturer, Commercial or Service Industry) by the applicant shall be issued to the successful applicant.
4. The investor is required to start operations within 6 months of receiving approval to operate as a Free Zone Enterprise/Developer

Responsible Institution

Ghana Free Zones Authority

5th Link Rd, East Cantonments[Near US Embassy] Accra,

Fees / Charges

GHC 1,591