Public Notice NPA N. 010: Permit to Construct a Petroleum Product Pipeline

An application for a permit to construct a petroleum product pipeline shall be accompanied with the following, that is,  a) A statement indicating  i. Services to be rendered by the pipeline ii. Specifications of the pipeline iii. Characteristics of the fluids to be conveyed through the pipeline, and iv. Total estimated cost of construction of the pipeline project.  b) The survey description of the total route of pipeline, indicating the width of the right of-way with the co-ordinates of the various points of intersection.  c) Five (5) copies of the plan of the pipeline showing the following: i. Proposed route of the pipeline marked in red and the sections and quarter sections, ii. The type and grade of the pipeline and the designed maximum operating pressure, iii. Direction of flow of fluid along the pipeline, iv. Location, shown by symbols, of any installation along the pipeline, v. Location of the points at which the new pipeline shall cross any other pipeline, stating the owner of the pipeline being crossed and the material of that pipeline and the fluid being carried, vi. Relative position of any existing pipeline in the same right of way of the new pipeline, vii. Any pipeline within a distance of hundred (100) metres of the new pipeline, stating the owner of that pipeline and the material of that pipeline and the fluid being carried, viii. Regional topography of the area along the pipeline route, with a distance of one hundred (100) metres on both sides, including any water course that the new pipeline shall cross.  d) Two (2) copies of the plan of the pipeline showing: i. Location of any anchor or expansion loop, 1  ii. Location and operating details of corrosion prevention devices, main valving distances and any emergency shut down devices, iii. Pig launching or any other interface management devices and receiving points and any tie-in-points with operating details.  (f) Hydraulic profile of the pipeline indicating the position of any pumping or  booster pumping stations.  (g) Ancillary facilities along the pipeline or at its terminal ends, including booster stations, manifolds and meter banks, and provision of general description of each facility and associated proposed operating parameters  (h) Two (2) copies of the plan and profile of the pipeline, showing the way in which the new pipeline shall cross any highway, railroad, water body or any other pipeline along the route.   2) An Environmental Permit issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Procedures to Follow

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National Petroleum Authority

No.6 George Walker Bush Highway Adjacent Petroleum Commission Dzorwulu, Accra

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