National Petroleum Authority (Bulk Road Vehicle Tracking And Volume Monitoring) Regulations, 2016 (L.I. 2251)

Regulation 8(1) The Fund Management Committee shall use the bulk road vehicle tracking system to track and monitor the distribution of the following petroleum products under the Unified Petroleum Price Fund Scheme or any other distribution activity designated by the Authority: (a) diesel, (b) petrol,  (c) kerosene, (d) premix fuel, (e) liquefied petroleum gas, (f) marine gas oil, or(J (any other petroleum product that the Authority may determine, (2) A petroleum service provider or the authorised agent of that petroleum service provider, in control of a bulk road vehicle transporting a petroleum product pursuant to the Scheme or any other distribution activity designated by the Authority, shall provide to the Authority information on that bulk road vehicle. (3) For purposes of subregulation (2), the information shall include details of the (a) date of loading; (b) name of the loading depot; (c) name of the bulk distribution company which supplied the petroleum product(d) type of petroleum product being transported; (e) quantity of petroleum product being loaded; (f) intended delivery point; (g) registration number of the bulk road vehicle; (h) name of the transporter; (i) order number of the petroleum service provider; (j;) invoice number of the petroleum service provider; and (k) waybill number. 

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National Petroleum Authority

No.6 George Walker Bush Highway Adjacent Petroleum Commission Dzorwulu, Accra

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