Copyright Regulations, 2010 (L.I. 1962)

Regulation 19óDistribution of levies paid(1) The Minister shall distribute the levies collected in furtherance of regulation 14 as follows:(a) ten percent for cultural activities to be collectively administered by the collective administration societies;(b) ten percent for the administrative purposes of collective societies;(c) four percent to the Customs Excise and Preventive Service, and(d) six percent to the Copyright Office.(2) The Minister shall distribute the remaining seventy percent equally among the various rights groups to be shared as follows:(a) for holders of audio works rights,(i) twenty-eight percent to composers or publishers;(ii) twenty-one percent to producers; and(iii) twenty-one percent to performers;(b) for holders of audiovisual works rights;(i) thirty-five percent to producers;(ii) twenty-one percent to performers, and(iii) fourteen percent to authors of audio visual works,(c) for holders of literary works rights,(i) forty-two percent to authors including visual authors, and(ii) twenty-eight percent to publishers.(3) Each society shall set out rules to distribute the allocation made to the society to its members.

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