Copyright Regulations, 2010 (L.I. 1962)

Regulation 1—Application for registration of copyright and related rights(1) A person who has an interest in(a) an artistic work,(b) a literary work,(c) music,(d) a sound recording,(e) an audio visual work,(f) a choreographic work,(g) a computer software,(h) a computer programme, or(i) a derivative workmay apply to the Copyright Office for the registration of the person’s interest in the work.(2) An application for registration of copyright and related rights shall be made in the form specified in the First Schedule and accompanied with(a) a copy of the work for which copyright is to be registered, and(b) the prescribed fee.(3) The application for the registration of copyright may be made by(a) an author of a work,(b) an authorised agent of the author, or(c) a producer or publisher of a work on behalf of the author.

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Copyright Office


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