Accra Metropolitan Assembly(Operation of Commercial Vehicles) Bye-laws, 2017

Para 6 (1) A commercial vehicle registered under a permit shall be revoked by the Assembly, if the vehicle is not road worthy or otherwise in contravention with any road traffic regulations in force at the time, or any other provisions of this Bye-law.(2) Where a vehicle is found to be violation of any provision of any Bye-law or road traffic regulations as indicated in the preceding paragraph, the Court at which the owner or driver is brought, may make an order for the suspension or the prohibition of the use of the vehicle for transport services where the driver has been convicted under this Bye-law on two or more occasions for-    (a)   Using the vehicle for illicit purposes;    (b)   Dishonesty; or    (c)   Failing to keep or maintain the vehicle in a manner required by any enactment for the time being in force.

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Responsible Institution

Accra Metropolitan Assembly

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