Accra Metropolitan Assembly(Operation of Commercial Vehicles) Bye-laws, 2017

Para 27 (a)   A person shall not light naked fire or use any unprotected light in a lorry park/ Parking Lot.(b)   A person shall not place or cause to be placed any refuse, garbage, offensive or unwholesome matter in the Lorry Park/ Parking Lot except at such place as may be provided by the Assembly for that purpose(c) A person shall not use a fuel station as a parking space except for refueling.(d) A  person shall not trade or carry out any business in a lorry park except at designated places in the area.(e)   A person shall not sell any alcoholic beverage within 2 kilometers of the Lorry Park/ Parking Lot.(f) A person shall not offload goods, food stuff or animal on the street or lanes adjacent to the Lorry Park/Parking Lot(g)   A person who offloads goods, food stuff or animals at a lorry park / Parking Lot shall convey them to the appropriate market within 2 hours.

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Responsible Institution

Accra Metropolitan Assembly

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