Accra Metropolitan Assembly(Operation of Commercial Vehicles) Bye-laws, 2017

Para 1 (a)   Every application for commercial vehicle registration shall be made to the licensing officer of the Assembly by the responsible executives of the local union or branch under which it intends to operate.(b)   No commercial vehicle registration shall be approved under this Bye-law, unless the vehicle in respect of which the registration is required, has been licensed as a commercial vehicle and certified as road worthy in accordance with the provisions of the Road Traffic Act or any other appropriate enactment in force at the time.(c)   A person shall not paint or spray or equip any vehicle or cause or allow any vehicle to be painted or sprayed or equipped for use as a commercial vehicle without being registered.(d)   The evidence of the registration shall be:         i)        A sticker affixed to the windscreen of the vehicle.         ii)The sticker shall be renewed annually.(e)   A commercial passenger vehicle registration shall not be approved unless the vehicle has been licensed by the Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority for commercial operations. This shall be evidenced by the official colour of vehicle registration number plate. Every vehicle registered under this Bye-law shall remain equipped and fitted in the manner under which it was originally licensed under the Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority for commercial operations.

Procedures to Follow

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Responsible Institution

Accra Metropolitan Assembly

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