Land Title Registration Law, 1986 (PNDCL 152)

Section 53—Substituted Land Certificates.(1) The Land Registrar may after taking such indemnity as he may consider necessary issue a substituted land certificate to replace any certificate which is proved to his satisfaction to have been lost, destroyed, withheld, or to be in the possession of a person out of the jurisdiction of Ghana or not to be obtainable without undue delay or expense.(2) Any substituted land certificate shall be an exact copy of the original and shall be as valid as the original certificate and shall be used for any purpose for which the original certificate might have been used.(3) An application for a substituted land certificate may be made by the proprietor of the land or interest comprised therein or by any person claiming through him, and shall be supported by such evidence as the Land Registrar may require.(4) The Land Registrar may, before issuing a substituted certificate give fourteen days notice of his intention to do so published in the Gazette or in one or more of the daily newspapers.(5) The Land Registrar shall enter in the relevant folio of the land register a notification of the issue of any substituted land certificate, and such notification shall operate to cancel for all purposes the original certificate notwithstanding that such certificate may subsequently be found or recovered.

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