Land Title Registration Law, 1986 (PNDCL 152)

Section 52: (1) The Land Registrar may create a new folio of the land register and prepare and issue a new land certificate in the following cases:(a) where the Land Registrar accepts an application for combination of parcels or subdivision of a parcel under section 41 of this Law;(b) where, in the opinion of the Land Registrar, it is impracticable to make further endorsements on an existing folio;(c) where an existing folio has been mutilated or defaced or is in such condition that, in the opinion of the Land Registrar, it should be replaced;(d) where, upon registration of a transfer or transmission, the transferee or applicant has become the proprietor of part of the parcel in an existing folio.(2) Upon the creation of a new folio the Land Registrar shall cancel the previous folio either wholly or partially as the circumstances may require, and shall indicate thereon the serial number of the new folio or folios and the reason for such cancellation.(3) Subject to any agreement to the contrary, the proprietor in whose name a new folio is created shall, as between him and any person with whom he has any dealing in respect of the land, be liable for the cost of creating such folio.

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