Land Title Registration Law, 1986 (PNDCL 152)

Section 51: (1) The Land Registrar shall, upon registration of any person as proprietor of land or a lease, issue a land certificate to such person—(a) if the person is registered as proprietor of the land with absolute title, whether on first registration or on subsequent transfer of the land;(b) if the person is proprietor of a lease, if the leasehold is for a term of ten years or more; or(c) if the person is the holder of a grant under the Concessions Ordinance (Cap. 136) or the Concessions Act, 1962 (Act 124) or a licence in respect of minerals granted under the Minerals Act, 1962 (Act 126).(2) A land certificate shall be in the prescribed form and shall show by an extract from the registry map endorsed thereon or annexed thereto, the land to which it relates.(3) A land certificate issued in respect of land or an interest in land registered under this Law shall be signed and sealed by the Land Registrar and marked with the serial number of the folio of the register to which it relates.(4) A separate land certificate may be issued to each proprietor in common of any land or interest in land and such certificate shall show the undivided share of the proprietor.(5) When two or more persons are registered as joint proprietors of the same land or interest in land, only one certificate shall be issued in respect of that interest in the name of all the persons and the certificate shall be delivered to the person whose name first appears as proprietor on such certificate.

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