Land Title Registration Law, 1986 (PNDCL 152)

Section 20:(1) Subject to the provisions of this Law and to the Limitation Decree, 1972 (N.R.C.D. 54), the Land Registrar may reject an application for first registration by a person claiming to be a proprietor of land or an interest therein and basing his claim upon an instrument, if—(a) the instrument deals with the land or part of it in a manner inconsistent with an instrument previously executed whether by the same grantor or a predecessor-in-title or by any other person; or(b) on the face of the records, the grantor named in the instrument does not appear to him to have been entitled to deal with the land as the instrument purports to have done; or(c) the instrument was made in contravention of, or is null and void by virtue of any enactment; or(d) the instrument contains any interlineation, blank, erasure or alteration not verified by the signature or initials of the persons executing such instrument.(2) Subsection (1) shall not prevent the exercise by any Court of its powers under the Land Development (Protection of Purchasers) Act, 1960 (Act 2) or the Farm Lands (Protection) Act, 1962 (Act 107) and without prejudice to the effect of any other order of a Court, the Land Registrar shall be bound by an order of a Court made under either Act which provides that a conveyance or acquisition shall be deemed to have conferred title.

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