Land Title Registration Law, 1986 (PNDCL 152)

Section 19: (1) A person shall be registered as proprietor of land if in relation to that land—(a) he is the allodial owner, that is to say, he holds it under customary law in such manner that he is under no restrictions on his rights of user or obligations in consequence of his holding other than any such restrictions or obligations imposed by the law of Ghana generally; or(b) he holds a customary law freehold therein, that is to say, he holds rights of user subject only to such restrictions or obligations as may be imposed upon a subject of a stool or a member of a family who has taken possession of land of which the stool or family is the allodial owner either without consideration or on payment of a nominal consideration in the exercise of a right under customary law to the free use of that land; or(c) he holds the land for an estate of freehold vested in possession or an estate or interest less than freehold according to the rules generally known as the rules of the common law; or(d) he holds a leasehold interest, that is to say, he holds an interest under a lease for a term of years of which more than two years are unexpired;(e) he holds a lesser interest in land, that is to say, he holds an interest in land by virtue of any right under contractual or share cropping or other customary tenancy arrangement.(2) The Land Registrar shall register—(a) the State as proprietor of all lands vested in the State by any enactment;(b) the State as trustee of all lands held by the State in trust under any enactment; and(c) the State as proprietor of all lands not held by any other proprietor.(3) Subject to subsections (4) and (5) of this section, any interest appertaining to or affecting any land may be registered under this Law.(4) Where an interest will according to its terms expire without notice of termination within less than two years after the date on which an application is made for its registration, it shall not be registered under this Law notwithstanding that it may be renewable on notice.(5) Notwithstanding subsection (4) of this section any concession granted under the Concessions Ordinance (Cap. 136) or the Concessions Act, 1962 (Act 124) or any licence in respect of minerals granted under the Minerals Act, 1962 (Act 126) shall be registered under this Law.

Procedures to Follow

The document/instrument being submitted for registration must clearly show the following:
1. Stamped (Stamp Duty duly paid)
2. Date of instrument
3. Nature of Instrument (Title of document)
Names and addresses of parties
Signature of parties
Names and addresses of witnesses
Signature of witnesses
Solicitor's Stamp/Seal
Approved plan ( Certified judgment plan if nature of instrument is Judgment)

The following information on site plan must be the same in document: 
Name of owner 
Land size and location of land
Licensed Surveyor's and Director, Survey and Mapping Division's signatures and date
Back of the site plan must be signed by the parties
Signature of witnesses of parties with addresses
Jurat (if document is thumb printed, etc)
Oath of Proof must be executed
Deponent must be completed by grantor’s witness
Planning Comments/Approval with extracts from layout from Town and Country
Planning Department (Stool Lands Only)

All supporting /recited documents must be attached
Evidence of Concurrence/Consent (Stool and State Lands subsequent transactions)
Original Land Certificate of transferor...

Responsible Institution

Lands Commission


Relevant Forms to Download

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Fees / Charges

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