Tema Metropolitan Assembly (Kiosk-Keepers) Bye-Laws, 2017

License2.(a) A person shall not construct or keep a kiosk in the Tema Metropolis for the transaction of business without first applying to the Assembly for a license to construct and transact business thereon and written consent of the landlord.(b) A license granted under Bye-Law 1(1) is temporary and the TMA reserves the right to order the removal of any kiosk if its location is required for a public use.(c) An applicant shall attach to the application for a license to operate a kiosk, three site plans of the area and the location of the kiosk;(d)The TMA shall in accordance with its fee fixing mechanism determine fee payable for the issuance of the license;

Procedures to Follow

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Responsible Institution

Tema Metropolitan Assembly


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Fees / Charges

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