Anti-Money Laundering Act, 2008 (Act 749)

Section 23(1): An accountable institution that establishes a business relationship with a person shall keep records of (a) the identity of the person or the agent of the person; (b) transaction made through the accountable institution, and (c) suspicious transactions reports made to the Centre.Section 23(3): This section applies to each single transaction with an accountable institution.Section 24(1): An accountable institution shall keep the records for(a) not less than six years after the date on which a relationship is terminated in case of a business relationship, or (b) not less than six years after the date a transaction is concluded.Section 24(2): An accountable institution may appoint a person to keep records on behalf of the accountable institution.Section 24(3): An accountable institution that appoints a person to keep records on its behalf shall inform the Centre of the appointment in writing.Section 24(4): At the end of the six year period, the account the institution shall send the records to the Public Records and Archives Administration Department.

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Bank of Ghana

Accra Central

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