Section 55: achieve the object, the Council shall (a) establish standards and provide guidelines for the development of a curriculum for the training of nurse assistants, nurses and midwives; (b) register and maintain a register of practitioners; (c) exercise disciplinary powers over practitioners; (d) prescribe and maintain professional standards and conduct for practitioners; (e) in collaboration with appropriate government agencies ensure that nursing and midwifery institutions are accredited; (f) determine and implement post-registration, continuing education and continuing professional development programmes for practitioners; (g) conduct licencing examination for registration of nurses, midwives and nurse assistants;(h) ensure that the education and training of nurses and midwives and other nursing practitioners are carried out at approved educational institutions for efficient nursing and midwifery practice; (i) advise the Minister on matters relating to the practice of nursing and midwifery; (j) monitor and inspect training institutions and health facilities in collaboration with the Health Facilities Regulatory Agency; and (k) perform any other functions that are ancillary to the object of the Council.

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Ministry of Health

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