Ga East Municipal Assembly (Sand, Stone And Gravel Winning) Bye-Laws, 2016

Application for permit1.    (a)    A person who wins or desires to win sand, stone or gravel within the jurisdiction of the Assembly shall apply to the Development Planning Committee of the Assembly for permit to win sand, stone or gravel.                               (b)         An applicant shall                   ( i)         state the name and address,(ii)         enclose a site plan of the area of the intended operation,(iii)         state the mode of winning; namely, excavation by mechanical   means or by manual means,(iv)         state the duration of winning operation; and the application shall be countersigned by the Assembly and the landowners of the area.(c)         When all due processes have been satisfied, the Development Planning Committee shall recommend that the permit/license be granted to the applicant by the Assembly.  The Assembly, when satisfied by the recommendation of the Development Planning Committee shall grant the permit.

Procedures to Follow

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Responsible Institution

Ga East Municipal


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