Ashaiman Municipal Assembly (Building) Bye-law, 2017

Consideration of factors for the grant 5.         (a) For the purpose of granting the building permit, the ASHMA shall take into consideration the following factors;(i)     There are appropriate provisions for the early warning of fire, and the appropriate means of escape in case of fire;(ii)     Faecal containment structure placement in the house;(iii)     Wastewater discharge from the house;(iv)    Drainage systems and adequate provision for toilets and baths in the house(b) The ASHMA shall ensure that the construction of drainage systems shall substantially affect the granting of the building permit.(c) The ASHMA shall ensure that no drainage system constructed by a landlord shall flood and cause nuisance to the neighbourhood. Where the drainage floods the area, the landlord shall rectify the situation by directing the wastewater to the main drainage system provided in the area concerned.(d) A household whose wastewater passes through the surface of a road shall lay pipes with the advice and supervision of the officers of ASHMA to join the main drainage system provided in the area concerned.   

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Ashaiman Municipal


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