Adentan Municipal Assembly (Building) Bye-Law, 2017

Application2. (1) an application for a building permit must contain or be accompanied by the following documents; a) Evidence of title to the land to be developed,b) The drawings of the building to be developed signed by a licensed building surveyor, a qualified architect and a structural engineer where necessary.c) The completed application forms with the annexure shall be submitted to the AdMA after paying the requisite fee fixed by the Assembly.Inspection of site3. (a) on receipt of the application form, the Physical Planning Department of the AdMA together with the applicant shall proceed to the site of the proposed development within one week and inspect the area earmarked for the development,(b) Where the applicant’s building will obstruct the flow of water, drain and other elements or sit in a road or part of it and or for any other reason, the AdMA shall refuse the granting of the permit and notify the applicant in writing the reason(s) for refusing the application.(c) The AdMA shall monitor and ensure that such a person does not develop the proposed site.( d) The AdMA where satisfied that the proposed development will not obstruct access and further satisfies all the conditions laid under the law, shall approve same and grant the building permit to the prospective developer who shall commence building.

Procedures to Follow

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Responsible Institution

Adenta Municipal Municipal


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