Adentan Municipal Assembly (Building) Bye-Law, 2017

Development without a permit4.         (a)    This Bye-law applies if building work to which this Bye-law applies has been carried out without a building permit.(b)    The AdMA shall upon finding development without a building permit would write to the owner, owner’s agent or representative to which the building work relates to stop work and go through the application process before continuing with the development,(c) The said applicant shall pay a fine of 100 penalty units and purchase the application forms and follow the procedure spelt out above,(d)  Where the owner of the property ignores the notice to apply for a building permit before continuing, the AdMA shall issue out a criminal summons before a judge or a before a Law court to compel the owner to procure the building permit,(e) Where the building is located at an unauthorized location by virtue of non-conformity to the prescribed zoning in the planning scheme, the AdMA shall proceed to court for authority to demolish the structure and surcharge the owner of the development for the cost of destruction. (f)    A building permit is required to ensure that the work complies with each relevant requirement of this Bye-law and the National Building regulations.

Procedures to Follow

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Responsible Institution

Adenta Municipal Municipal


Relevant Forms to Download

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Fees / Charges

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