Ghana Export-Import Bank Act, 2016 (Act 911)

Imposition of Import Levy 29. (1) There is imposed by this Act a levy to be paid by importers on the dutiable value of any product imported for commercial purposes except petroleum products.(2) The levy shall be 0.75 percent of the cost, insurance and freight value of the import out of which 90 percent shall form part of the sources of moneys for the Bank and 10 percent shall be paid directly to the Ghana Export Promotion Authority .(3) The levy shall be collected by the Ghana Revenue Authority from the importer at the port of entry.(4) The Commissioner-General responsible for the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority shall pay the levy collected under this section into an account specified by the Board and the Ghana Export Promotion Authority respectively.

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Responsible Institution

Ministry of Finance

28th February Road, Finance Drv, Accra

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