Geographical Indications Act, 2003 (ACT 659)

Section 9 Opposition to Registration. (1) Any interested person or competent authority may within the prescribed period and in the prescribed manner give notice to the Registrar of an opposition to the registration of a geographical indication on the ground that one or more of the requirements of sections 4, 6 and 7 are not fulfilled. (2) The Registrar shall send a copy of the notice to the applicant within the prescribed period and in the prescribed manner. (3) The applicant shall within the prescribed period and in the prescribed manner, send to the Registrar a counter-statement of the grounds on which the applicant relies for the application. (4) Where the applicant fails to send a counter-statement under subsection (3), the applicant shall be deemed to have abandoned the application. (5) If the applicant sends a counter-statement, the Registrar shall on receipt of the counter-statement send a copy of the counter-statement to the person giving the notice of opposition within the prescribed period. (6) The Registrar after hearing the parties, if either or both wish to be heard and considering the merits of the case, shall decide whether the geographical indication should be registered.

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