Minerals and Mining (Licensing) Regulations 2012 (LI 2176)

Regulation 3(1)  The Director of the Commission responsible for Mineral Titles is responsible for the administration of mineral rights as well as the maintenance of the cadastre registers.(2) The Director of the Commission responsible for Mineral Titles shall(a) receive and consider applications for extension, reduction, merger, transfer, surrender or other dealings concerning mineral rights;(b) initiate the procedures for termination of a mineral right in accordance with the provisions of the Act and these Regulations;(c)  maintain and update the cadastral map to ensure  that  the map  shows existing  mineral rights,  pending  applications, designated  areas and restricted  or protected  areas; and(d) record chronologically(i) in the Priority Register, only applications for mineral rights in respect of vacant  areas; and(ii) in the General Register, all other applications, grants and other decisions concerning mineral rights as specified in these Regulations.(3) The grant of a mineral right in respect of an application  for a vacant  area  shall be based  on the  order  of priority  of applications as recorded  in the Priority  Register.(4)  The public may access, inspect and make copies of the cadastral map  and  cadastre  registers.shall(5) The Director of the Commission responsible for Mineral Titles(a) act as a technical referee in the event  of dispute  between holders concerning  the delimitation  of the areas granted,(b) resolve any disputes resulting from the definition and demarcation of markers and boundary  lines of areas subject to mineral  rights, and(c)  notify the mineral right holders in writing of the decision.(6)  For the purpose of administration   of the cadastral system, the headquarters of all cadastral activities  is the Mineral  Titles Department of the Commission  in Accra,  but cadastral  activities may be initiated  in the  existing  District Offices  of the  Commission or other  offices  that may be opened,  in accordance  with these Regulations.(7) The Commission has exclusive authority and jurisdiction  over the whole  of the country  in respect of mineral  cadastral  matters,  and is responsible  for:(a) co-ordinating cadastral  activities, including the assignment of codes for new applications;(b) receiving  and recording  applications  for mineral  rights and permits;(c) reviewing applications;(d) making  recommendations to the Minister on the grant or rejection  of applications  made  under  these Regulations;(e) notifying  applicants on behalf  of the  Minister regarding applications  made  under  these Regulations;(f)  making recommendations to the  Chief Executive  Officer of the Commission  on the grant or otherwise of small scale mining  licences; and(g) issuing  of certificates related  to the mineral  rights and the certificates  shall be acceptable  in proceedings   before  any court  as evidence  of any matter  related  to a mineral right.(8) The District  Office of the Commission  is responsible  for(a) receiving and recording  applications  for small scale mining licences within  the district; and(b) transferring  applications  to the headquarters for vetting.(9) An application  or notification  to the Commission under  theseRegulations shall be copied to the Minister.(10)  An  applicant is not  entitled to a refund  of fees paid  on rejection  of an application  under  these Regulations.(11) Where an applicant or a holder of a mineral right makes a statement  to the  Commission  which  the  applicant  or holder  knows  is false  or misleading   in any  material  particular,  and  the  application is rejected  or the mineral  right is terminated,   the applicant  or holder  shall not be eligible to apply for a mineral  right for at least one hundred  and eighty days after the rejection  or termination.

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Minerals Commission

36 Second Cantonments Cl, Accra

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