New Juaben North Municipal Assembly Establishment Of Private School Bye-Laws

1. LICENCE/PERMIT: No person or body shall operate a private School within the area of authority of the Assembly unless such a person has obtained a license from the Assembly for that purpose. 2. SITTING OF THE SCHOOL: Schools established by persons or bodies shall not be sited near Municipal Assembly schools or other public schools 3. PROVISION OF FURNITURE: a)The person / body may provide furniture for the newly established schools initiated by themb)The school so built may be absorbed into the public system under the Municipal Assembly's education unit. c)The person or body may be represented on the school committee which shall be formed to run the school d)An agreement shall be executed between the person /body and the Municipal assembly vesting control of the School in the latter. 

Procedures to Follow

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Responsible Institution

New Juaben North Municipal Assembly /

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