Guidelines For Trustees (Individual Persons) Of Occupational Pension Schemes, Provident Fund Schemes, Personal Pension Schemes And Other Privately-Managed Pension Schemes ( NPRA/GD/IDT/01/11)

Occupational Pension Schemes, Provident Fund Schemes, Personal Pension Schemes andother privately-managed schemes shall only be managed by Trustees licensed by theAuthority.4.2        A person shall not be appointed as Trustee unless that person is licensed in accordancewith the National Pensions Act, 2008.4.3        A person seeking to be appointed as Trustee shall apply to the Authority using theprescribed form, accompanied by the prescribed fee.4.4        The Applicant must submit to the NPRA, evidence that:4.4.1        He/she is ordinarily resident in Ghana;4.4.2        He/she is a person of good reputation and character;4.4.3        He/she has not been convicted by a Court of competent jurisdiction whether inGhana or elsewhere, of an offence involving fraud or dishonesty;4.4.4        He/she has appropriate knowledge and understanding of the law relating topensions and trusts and investment of the assets of the Schemes.4.5        Application shall be accompanied by:4.5.1        A non-refundable application fee, in bank draft, payable to the National PensionsRegulatory Authority and marked "Application Fee".4.5.2        Name, Address (physical and electronic), telephone numbers of the Applicant.4.6        Attestation of the willingness and capacity on the part of the Applicant to comply with theprovisions of the Pensions Act and NPRA's supervisory requirements and standards on acontinuous basis, if the application is approved.

Procedures to Follow

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Responsible Institution

National Pensions Regulatory Authority

SU Towers Accra

Relevant Forms to Download

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Fees & Charges

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