Guidelines For Trustees (Individual Persons) Of Occupational Pension Schemes, Provident Fund Schemes, Personal Pension Schemes And Other Privately-Managed Pension Schemes ( NPRA/GD/IDT/01/11)

An individual who desires to be appointed as a Trustee shall:2.1        Be ordinarily resident in Ghana and satisfy the Authority that he / she is a person of goodreputation and character and, in particular, has not been convicted of an offence involvingfraud or dishonesty by a Court of competent jurisdiction whether in Ghana or elsewhere,of an offence involving fraud or dishonesty.2.2 Ensure that businesses carried on by him/her are compatible with the interests of themembers of an occupational pension scheme, provident fund scheme or a        personalpension scheme.2.3        Have appropriate knowledge and understanding of the law relating to pensions        andtrusts and the investments of the assets of the schemes.2.4        Be conversant with its scheme-related documents, that is, the trust deed and rules of thescheme, any statements of investment principle and any other document that recordscurrent policy relating to the administration of the scheme generally.2.5        Have professional knowledge and experience to administer a pension scheme.2.6        Execute a performance guarantee.

Procedures to Follow

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Responsible Institution

National Pensions Regulatory Authority

SU Towers Accra

Relevant Forms to Download

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Fees & Charges

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