Traditional Medicine Practice Act, 2000 (Act 575)

Section 9: (1) A person shall not operate or own premises as a practitioner or produce herbal medicine for saleunless that person is registered in accordance with this Act.(2) A person seeking full or temporary registration shall apply to the Registrar in the mannerdetermined by the Board.

Procedures to Follow

1. An application for the registration of Herbal medicinal product shall be made in writing.
2. An application form shall be completed in accordance with the sequence of appendices dated, signed and stamped by the applicant/license holder.
3. This shall be submitted in duplicate (hard and (or) soft copy) and accompanied by:
a.  A covering letter addressed to the CEO of the Authority,
b. Samples of the product as specified in the Authority’s samples Schedule, packed in the final package ready for sale.
c.  A non-refundable fee prescribed in the Authority’s approved fees Schedule.
Registration Variation
1. An application for the variation of registration of a product prior to re-registration shall be made to the Authority. This variation shall be approved by the Authority before any importation of the product shall be made into the country.
2. The application shall be accompanied by:
a. Supporting documentation for the variation.
b. Samples reflecting the variation as specified in the Authority’s samples Schedule.
c. Non-refundable variation fee as specified in Authority’s approved fees Schedule.
1. An application for the re-registration of Herbal medicinal product should be made 3 (three) months before the expiration of the registration. 2. The application shall be accompanied by:
a.  Supporting documentation for any changes since the product was last registered
b. Samples as specified in the Authority’s Sample Schedule.
c. A non-refundable application fee as specified in the Authority’s Fee Schedule....

Responsible Institution

Food And Drugs Authority

Legon, Accra

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