Sekondi Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly (Herbalists) Bye-law, 2017

Advertisement of Herbal Products5. No person shall advertise and/or undertake any promotional activities aimed at the public, without the advertisement being consistent with the accepted product information.6. Every manufacturer and/or distributor shall provide information on items listed below in relation to the product —i. name of the product;ii. list of ingredient(s) (active and inactive) of the product, with scientific name(s), heart of the plant used, and quantity; and with reference to the source text for the prescription, if available;iii. the list of plant ingredient(s) of the product with taxonomic classification, including species, genus, and family;iv. methods and technology used in manufacture;v. physical and chemical identification tests;vi. Quality standards for the ingredients when necessary (which may include the limit of residue of heavy metals and pesticides, insecticide-and herbicide);vii. quality standards for the products;viii. stability tests;  therapeutic uses and dosage;ix. evidence of traditional use or recent clinical experience with the product in the form proposed, to support the safety and efficacy of the product;x. package and packaging materials; and  content on label or package insert.

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Sekondi Takoradi Metropolitan


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