Environmental Assessment Regulations, 1999 (LI 1652) as amended by Environmental Assessment (Amendment) Regulations, 2001 (L.I. 1694) and Environmental Assessment (Amendment) Regulations, 2002 (L.I. 1703)

 Regulation 7 Registration and Issue of Environmental Permit. (1) Where the Agency approves an application at the initial assessment, it shall register the undertaking, the subject of the application, and issue in respect of the undertaking an environmental permit. (2) Where the Agency on the initial assessment reports that it objects to the application the report shall constitute a non-acceptance of the application and the undertaking shall not be commenced or where it is in existence, be discontinued. (3) A determination by the Agency that, an application at the initial assessment, is approved, objected to, requires the submission of a preliminary environmental report or the submission of an environmental impact statement, shall be communicated to the applicant within 25 days from the date of the receipt of the application for an environmental permit.

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Environmental Protection Agency Ghana


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