Environmental Assessment Regulations, 1999 (LI 1652) as amended by Environmental Assessment (Amendment) Regulations, 2001 (L.I. 1694) and Environmental Assessment (Amendment) Regulations, 2002 (L.I. 1703)

Regulation 5 Initial Assessment by Screening of Application. (1) The Agency shall on receipt of an application and any other relevant information required, as an initial assessment, screen the application taking into consideration (a) the location, size and likely output of the undertaking; (b) the technology intended to be used; (c) the concerns of the general public, if any, and in particular concerns of immediate residents if any; (d) land use; and (e) any other factors of relevance to the particular undertaking to which the application relates. (2) An applicant shall for the purpose of enabling the Agency determine the level of environmental assessment of his undertaking, prepare and submit to the Agency a report on the undertaking indicating in the report (a) the environmental, health and safety impact of the undertaking; (b) a clear commitment to avoid any adverse environmental effects which can be avoided on the implementation of the undertaking; (c) a clear commitment to address unavoidable environmental and health impacts and steps where necessary for their reduction; and (d) alternatives to the establishment of the undertaking.

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Environmental Protection Agency Ghana


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