Environmental Assessment Regulations, 1999 (LI 1652) as amended by Environmental Assessment (Amendment) Regulations, 2001 (L.I. 1694) and Environmental Assessment (Amendment) Regulations, 2002 (L.I. 1703)

SCHEDULE 1 (Regulation 1 (1))   UNDERTAKINGS REQUIRING REGISTRATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL PERMIT.   AGRICULTURAL AND RELATED SERVICES 1. Agriculture. Livestock farms Community pastures (a) involving the clearing of land of greater than 40 hectares in area; or (b) involving the clearing of land located in an environmentally sensitive area. Fruit and other vegetable farms Management areas (a) involving the clearing of land of greater than 40 hectares in area, or (b) involving the clearing of land located in an environmentally sensitive area. 2. Fishing and Trapping. Fishing (a) fish or shellfish farming in salt water, brackish water or fresh water, where the proposal includes the construction of shore-based facilities other than wharves; (b) permanent traps or weir fisheries, salt water.  Services incidental to fishing Fish or shellfish breeding and propagating services, or fish or shellfish hatchery services, where the proposal includes the construction of shorebased facilities other than wharves. 3. Logging and Forestry. Logging Management of forested land for the primary purpose of harvesting timber in a contract area. 4. Forestry Services. Forestry services (a) application of pesticides; (b) introduction of exotic species of animals, plants or microbial agents; (c) establishment of forests in previously forested and unforested areas.   MINING (INCLUDING MILLING), QUARRYING AND OIL WELLS 5. Mining. (b) metal mines; (a) non-metal mines. 6. Crude Oil and Natural Gas. (a) crude oil or petroleum production facilities; (b) natural gas production facilities. 7. Quarries and Sand Pits. Stone quarries (a) where the total area is greater than 10 hectares, or (b) where any portion is to be located within an environmentally sensitive area. Sand and gravel pits (a) where the total area is greater than 10 hectares, or (b) where any portion is to be located within an environmentally sensitive area.   MANUFACTURING 8. Food Meat and poultry products (a) abattoirs; (b) meat, fat or oil processing facilities; (c) poultry processing facilities. Fish Products Flours, prepared cereal foods and feeds Feed mills. 9. Beverages. (a) distillery products; (b) brewery products; (c) wines. 10. Rubber Products. (a) tyres and tubes; (b) rubber hoses and beltings; (c) other rubber products. 11. Plastic Products. (a) foamed and expanded plastic products; (b) plastic pipes and pipe fittings; (c) plastic films and sheetings; (d) other plastic products. 12. Leather and Allied Products. Leather and allied products Leather tanneries. 13. Primary Textiles. (a) man-made fibres and filament yarns; (b) spun yarns and woven clothes; (c) broad knitted fabrics. 14. Textile Products. (a) natural fibres processing and felt products; (b) carpets, mats and rugs; (c) canvas and related products; (d) other textile products. 15. Wood (a) sawmill, planing mill and shingle mill products industries; (b) veneers and plywoods; (c) other wood products; (d) wood preservation facilities which use hazardous chemicals or similar chemical processes; (e) particle board or wafer board production. 16. Paper and Allied Products. (a) pulp and paper; (b) asphalt roofing; (c) other converted paper products. 17. Primary Metals 18. Fabricated Metal Products 19. Transportation Equipment Shipbuilding and repair Facilities engaged in building and repairing all types of ships above 4.000 tonnes displacement including marine production platforms for petroleum, natural gas or mineral resource extraction.   NON-METALLIC MINERAL PRODUCTS 20. Refined Petroleum Products 21. Chemicals and Chemical Products (a) industrial chemicals; (b) agricultural chemicals; (c) plastics and synthetic resins; (d) paints and varnishes; (e) soaps and cleaning compounds; (f) other chemical products. 22. Other Manufacturing Scientific and Professional Equipment (a) photographic films and plates manufacturing; (b) floor tiles, linoleums and coated fabrics manufacturing; (c) other manufactured products. 23. Construction Industrial construction (other than buildings) (a) construction of pipelines for the transmission of oil, natural gas and other related products from the source to the point of distribution, where— (i) any portion of the pipeline is to be located at a distance greater than 500 metres from an existing right-of-way; or (ii) any portion of the pipeline is to be located in an environmentally sensitive area; (b) diesel electric power generating plants having a capacity greater than 1 megawatt; (c) gas turbine electric power generating plants having a capacity greater than 1 megawatt; (d) nuclear electric power generating plants. 24. Highways and Heavy Construction (a) roads (b) waterworks and sewage system (i) construction of trunk pipelines for transmission of water from the source to the point of distribution; (ii) construction of trunk sewer pipelines;  (ii) construction of trunk sewer pipeline outfalls. (c) hydroelectric power plants and related structures (i) construction of dams and associated reservoirs; (ii) inter or intra-basin water transfers; (iii) construction of hydroelectric power developments. 25. Utilities (a) establishment of waste disposal sites; (b) establishment of facilities for the collection, storage or disposal of hazardous waste materials.   WHOLESALE TRADE 26. Petroleum Products Petroleum products, wholesale Establishment of petroleum products storage facilities 27. Other Products, Wholesale Waste materials, wholesale Establishment of facilities for the purpose of assembling, breaking up, sorting or wholesale trading of scrap, junk or waste material of any type. 28. Services Economic services administration (a) resource conservation and management programmes involving introductions of exotic species of animals or plants for any purpose; (b) resource conservation and management programs involving introductions of native species of animals or plants into areas where those species do not occur at the time of the proposed introduction; (c) designation of land for cottage development or other recreational development.   ACCOMMODATION, FOOD AND BEVERAGE SERVICES 29. Accommodation Services Establishment of recreation and vacation camps. 30. Amusement and Recreational Services Commercial spectator sports (a) establishment of horse racetrack operations; (b) establishment of racetrack operations for motorized vehicles sports and recreation clubs and services; (c) establishment of facilities, including trails; (d) establishment of outdoor firearm ranges; (e) establishment of marina operations; (f) establishment of facilities, including trails, for motorized recreational vehicles; (g) other amusement and recreational services.

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