Environmental Assessment Regulations, 1999 (LI 1652) as amended by Environmental Assessment (Amendment) Regulations, 2001 (L.I. 1694) and Environmental Assessment (Amendment) Regulations, 2002 (L.I. 1703)

Regulation 22—Requirement for an Environmental Certificate. (1) Where an undertaking in respect of which a preliminary environmental report or an environmental impact statement is approved commences activities of the undertaking upon the issue of an environmental permit, the person responsible shall within 24 months of the date of the commencement of operations obtain an environmental certificate from the Agency. (2) An environmental certificate may be issued subject to such conditions as the Agency shall determine except that no such certificate shall be issued unless the person responsible has submitted to the Agency evidence or confirmation of— (a) actual commencement of operations; (b) acquisition of other permits and approvals where applicable; (c) compliance with mitigation commitments indicated in the environmental impact statement or preliminary environmental report;  and has submitted to the Agency its first annual environmental report as required under regulation 25. (3) There shall be paid in respect of an environmental certificate such fee as the Agency shall determine.

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Environmental Protection Agency Ghana


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