Environmental Assessment Regulations, 1999 (LI 1652) as amended by Environmental Assessment (Amendment) Regulations, 2001 (L.I. 1694) and Environmental Assessment (Amendment) Regulations, 2002 (L.I. 1703)

Regulation 9 Preliminary Environmental Report (1) Where the Agency upon consideration of an application decides that there is the need for a preliminary environmental assessment to be submitted in respect of the application, the Agency shall request the applicant to submit a preliminary environmental report on the proposed undertaking. (2) A preliminary environmental report submitted under subregulation (1) shall contain details other than information submitted with the original application for the environmental permit and shall state specifically the detailed effects of the proposed undertaking on the environment. (3) Where the Agency after consideration of a preliminary environmental report approves the report, it shall register the undertaking and issue in respect of the undertaking an environmental permit. (4) Where the Agency, upon receipt of a preliminary environmental report, is satisfied that a significant adverse environmental impact is likely to result from the activities of the undertaking, the applicant shall be asked to submit an environmental impact statement on the undertaking in order that the environmental impact of the proposed undertaking can be assessed.

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Environmental Protection Agency Ghana


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