Ashaiman Municipal Assembly (Control of Poultry in Dwelling Houses) Bye-law, 2017

Inspection and impounding of excess poultry2.(a) An officer of the Environmental Health Unit of the ASHMA duly authorized to impound excess poultry may at any reasonable time during the day enter and inspect any premises where poultry are kept for purpose of ascertaining the total number of poultry.(b) Where the inspection reveals keeping of birds more than the required number, the officer shall issue a notice in writing to the owner or the keeper of the poultry to keep the number within the required limit within 14 days.(c) Where the owner or keeper of the poultry fails to dispose of the excess poultry within the stipulated period after receipt of a written notice, the authorized officer of the ASHMA may impound them.

Procedures to Follow

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Responsible Institution

Ashaiman Municipal


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