Sekondi Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly (Permission and Regulating Advertisement Bill boards) Bye-law, 2017

6 (l) •Subject to the provisions of this regulation, the following advertisements or the display thereof shall be exempt from the requirements of regulation l advertisement which is displayed on enclosed land and which is not visible from any road; advertisement which is displayed on or in a vehicle which is normally employed as a moving vehicle and not on an advertising vehicles. c.a political advertisement; advertisement required by any law or ordered by a competent court; advertisement for a national or town or village feast, including sponsored advertisements, provided it is displayed for not more than thirty days prior to the date of the feast;3.a traffic sign;4.a sign announcing the name of any city, town or village displayed by a government or a local council;5.the national flag of any country or international organization or other locality flag provided there is no advertising of any commercial activity related to it;   an advertisement displayed on the fascia or facade of a shop provided it is not more than 0.5 square meters in area, it is fitted flat against the facade or fascia and is not a projecting sign, and there are not more than two such advertisements per shop;1. an advertisement displayed for the purpose of identification, direction or warning with respect to the land on which it is displayed and which advertisement is not illuminated, does not exceed 0.5 square meters in area, is not more than 3 meters above ground level and in which no letter, character or symbol is more than 0.5 meters in height; advertisement relating to any person, firm or partnership carrying on a profession, business or trade at the premises where it is displayed which complies with the requirements and measurements set out in paragraph (i), and only if not more than one advertisement is displayed per street frontage in respect of the same person, firm or partnership;  an advertisement relating to an institution of a religious, cultural, recreational, medical or similar character, or to any hotel, bar or club, displayed at the premises of such institution, hotel, bar or club and which does not exceed 0.5 square meters in area or has any part of it more than 3 meters above ground level and in which no letter, character or symbol is more than 0.5 meters in height and only if not more than one advertisement per premises is displayed; advertisement displayed inside a building; advertisement in the form of a flag displaying a company logo or name on the roof of any commercial building, provided not more than two flags are displayed.(2) Any advertisement referred to in section 7(1) shall be such and shall be displayed in such manner as not to constitute a hazard either to traffic or to persons and shall not be fixed to any tree, shrub or rubble wall.7. No such advertisement may be fixed to any pylon, pole, sign or other property belonging to any government or parasternal body without the permission of that body.8. In the event that these conditions are not complied with, the Assembly shall have power to require, by notice served on the person displaying it or on the owner of the land on which it is displayed, or both, the removal of the advertisement or the carrying out of such works as the said Authority may deem necessary, and the person or persons on whom such notice is served shall forthwith, or within the term stated in the notice, comply with the contents of the notice: Provided that where such an advertisement is displayed without the requisite permit and is affixed to any tree, shrub, rubble wall, mast, pole, sign or other property, the Authority may immediately enter the land and remove the advertisement, where it deems it expedient and necessary to do so in the interests of public safety or amenity, in lieu of the service of the notice referred to above.

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