Banks and Specialized Deposit-Taking Institutions Act, 2016 (Act 930)

Section 7: (1) A person who seeks to carry on a deposit-taking business shall apply in writing to the Bank of Ghana for a licence.(2) An application for a licence under subsection (1) shall be accompanied with the following:(a) a certified true copy of the Company Regulations or other relevant instrument relating to the proposed bank or specialised deposit-taking institution under which theperson proposing to carry on a deposit-taking business was established;(b) the names, addresses, occupations, business and professional history, certified financial positions, and corporate affilia- tions of the significant shareholders and the respective values of the shares;(c) where the bank or specialised deposit-taking institution is a member of a corporate group,(i) a complete organisational structure including a diagram of the group;(ii) direct and indirect affiliates and associates of the bank or specialised deposit-taking institution, and(iii) the nature of the relationship to the group;(d) the particulars of the proposed directors and key management personnel concerned with the management of the deposit- taking business, including(i) their qualifications and experience,(ii) business and professional history for the preceding ten years or a longer period that the Bank of Ghana may determine,(iii) certified financial position,(iv) business interests, and(v) the performance of the business concerns under their control or management; (6) For the purpose of this section, "authorised agent" includes an apex body, network, industrial association, self-regulatory organisation or any other person recongnised by the Bank of Ghana.

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Bank of Ghana

Accra Central

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