Energy Efficiency (Prohibition of Manufacture, Sale or Importation of Incandescent Filament Lamp, Used Refrigerator, Used Refrigerator-Freezer, Used Freezer and Used Air-Conditioner) Regulations, 2008 (LI 1932)

Regulation 5 Exemption (1) Subject to sub regulation (2), these Regulations do not apply to the following types of incandescent filament lamps: (a) motor vehicle lights; (b) flood lights; (c) halogen lights; (d) spotlights or searchlights; (e) airport runway lights; (f) streetlights; and (g) special purpose lights, including theatre or stage lights. (2) A person who intends to manufacture, import, store, offer for sale, distribute or dispose of an item listed in sub-regulation (1) shall obtain prior written approval from the Energy Commission.

Procedures to Follow

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Responsible Institution

Energy Commission


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