National Vocation Training Act, 1970 (Act 351)

Section 3: (1) The functions of the Institute area(a) to organise apprenticeship, in-plant training and training programmes for industrial and clerical workers, and to train the instructors and training officers required for that purpose;(b) to provide for vocational guidance and career development in industry;(c) to develop training standards and trade testing;(d) to initiate a continuing study of the country's manpower requirements at the skilled worker level;(e) to establish and maintain technical and cultural relations with international organisations and other foreign institutions engaged in activities connected with vocational training; and(f) subject to the provisions of this Act, to do all such things as are conducive to the attainment of the objects of the Institute.(2) The Institute shall, in the exercise of its functions, have financial and administrative autonomy.

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Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations


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