Section 5. Licence to sell spirits(1) Subject to subsection (2), a person shall not sell spirits on any premises or in the open, except under and in accordance with(a) a wholesale licence to sell spirits in quantities of not less than two gallons at a time, not to be consumed on the premises, to a person who holds a spirit licence, or(b) a store licence to sell spirits for consumption on or off the premises, or(c) a hotel licence to sell spirits within a hotel, or(d) a restaurant licence to sell spirits to be consumed with a meal in a restaurant, or(e) an occasional licence to sell spirits on a special occasion at a specified place, or(f) a bar licence to sell spirits for consumption on the premises.(2) Spirits manufactured by the holder of a distillers licence may be sold by the holder(a) wholesale, on the premises on which they were manufactured or in a store remote from those premises, and(b) retail, in that store, subject to the conditions that the Commissioner of the Customs, Excise and Preventive Service may impose.(3) The fees payable for a licence under subsection (1) are those set out in the Second Schedule.

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